Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fresh Ideas for your Guest Book

Originally, guest books were a great way to help the Mr. & Mrs.remember who came to their wedding, organize thank-you notes, and start a formal address book. However, guestbooks have really evolved from a record of who attended the wedding, to a way to offer the bride and groom advice or a sentimental wishes. Why not reflect your personal style or wedding theme by thinking outside the book when it comes to your guestbook.

As you know, I'm crazy for Etsy, and am always browsing for fresh, fun ideas to share with my brides & grooms... and you! So, today I've decided to share a couple fun ideas for your guestbook!

The first is from Bleu de Toi (which means 'crazy for you', in France and Belgium). They create custom hand-made wedding trees! The blank tree is created and your guests are asked to stamp a fingerprint on the tree along with their name. Feeling extra creative? Bleu de Toi will collaborate with you to create exactly what you are dreaming of. Another reason why I love these is because they provide a great piece of art that will remind you of that special day!

If you and your honey share a love for board games, then this is definitely for you! A guest book puzzle by Bella Puzzles Too! Invite your guests to jot down a short note, wish or piece of advice on the back of a puzzle piece. Bella Puzzles creates all types of puzzles... even ones with your photo! You'll have fun re-reading your guests notes on your next game night!

Martha Stewart created a list of 25 DIY guest book ideas that are unique and easy to create!

If you do decide to go traditional with a guestbook, here's a tip...
Make it personal! Rather than your guests just writing down their name, address, and a short "Congratulations", ask them to write their favorite memory of you, advice for a happy marriage, or even use your invitations to ask guests to bring a special photograph or other token to include in your book.


  1. Erin, thanks for featuring my wedding puzzles on your lovely blog!