Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest + Book Page Paper LOVE

For the last couple of months we have been routinely 'pinning' on Pinterest!  We love how it opens our minds to creative trends, and allows our ideas to come to life!  While becoming inspired daily, we thought it would be fun to share with you which 'pins' inspire us the most!  Each week we will share with you our most favorite pins we've stumbled across... whether it be a new table design we love, or a creative DIY project we are dying to try... we will save them all and post to share!  Hopefully you will become as inspired by Pinterest as we are!  We think that it's great, and if you haven't signed up must!

So let's get started!  This week...with Christmas less than a week away we are obviously inspired by Holiday decor ideas!  Christmas is about crafting, personalizing your homes, and making your space feel cozy and filled with love and happiness!  We love the idea of DIY decorations including handmade wreaths, paper mache' ornaments, book page Christmas trees and yarn wrapped bottles for centerpieces.   We've pulled a couple ideas ourselves, and gave them a try.  At our Holiday party last week we created a table design filled with gold glittered pine cones, and yarn wrapped glass bottles for added texture.  We even included burlap wrapped mason jars tied with twine, and sticks with red berries for a pop of color!  We are so excited about it, and can't wait to show you how it turned out!

After 'pinning' on Pinterest this week we fell in love with the paper mache' and book page trend we are seeing.  Below we have included several ideas on how to incorporate this popular trend into your Holiday celebration, including ornaments, wreaths, and gift wrap... fill your home with creative, DIY decor that will have everyone asking how you did it!

{Handwritten paper gift wrapping via Pinterest / Book page paper via Pinterest / Lace paper gift wrap via Pinterest / Brown paper gift wrap via Pinterest}

{ DIY book page Christmas trees via Pinterest / Book page Christmas trees via Pinterest / Book page Christmas trees via Pinterest / Book page ornaments via Pinterest}

(DIY paper mache' ornaments via Pinterest / Book page ornaments via Pinterest / Book page ornaments via Pinterest}

(DIY Paper wreath via Pinterest / Book page wreath via Pinterest / Rolled book page wreath via Pinterest}


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